Owning your actions

Everyday as an assistant principal in the Middle School setting I find myself discussing this phrase with students. “Owning your actions”, is more than just words, it is something that defines your character and what type of person you want to be.  Personally,  I believe that making someone’s day and being positive helps others to overcome their challenges by pointing out the ray of sunshine in a gloomy moment.

How do I own my actions and my interactions with staff members and students? There needs to be a balance of finesse and straightforward, it becomes something of an art form and something I’m still working on trying to be better at. Understanding the decisions that you make often times have a consequence to them sometimes positive, hopefully lot of times positive, but sometimes it also can be negative. Some of the reactions may happen because of misinformation or assumption.

Either way find the time to have conversations with staff members and students to explain your point of view and hopefully to overcome some of those hard feelings. 

Own your actions with a face to face conversation, find time! If they are important to you, it WILL be worth every moment you take.