Group I.Q. 

Yesterday we had a Team Leader Meeting to discuss some of the important topics for upcoming school year. There are some important takeaways from the meeting that have nothing to do with the decisions we made. 
We have a lot of talented and experienced teachers who make our building a great learning environment. Making sure they have a voice in the direction of the school is very important as we strive to be a world class school district. 

Acknowledging and engaging leaders in a setting makes for a driven group of people who advocate for the success of an organization. This is no different in education. Teachers and principals have a unique relationship because unlike the business sector,  where you may find a top down approach, teachers are asked to share their take on the direction of a school. 

My belief is that working together towards a common goal can be very powerful. Modeling collaboration and the 21st century skills we want our students to use is critical in moving a school. Working through what I call “Group I.Q.” allows for professional dialog between educators with many perspectives and experiences. The more diverse the thinking, the better the opportunity for a working solution. 

Walking out of the meeting, I was energized by the passion our teachers have about student learning and the success of our school. Thank you for all you do to ensure success for ALL students.